GridLiance Announces Realignment to Meet Growing Demands

GridLiance announces establishment of Development and Regulatory & Corporate Services Divisions
CHICAGO, IL, (October 26, 2017) – GridLiance announces realignment of management structure to address the company’s recent expansion and to capitalize on growth opportunities. Since its successful inception, GridLiance has expanded its presence into multiple states.

“With the successful acquisition of Valley Electric Association, Inc.’s high voltage transmission system, and acknowledging our dynamic growth over the past three years, I am announcing the realignment of our management structure and reporting lines in a way that leverages the strength of our executive team to help us capitalize on the growth opportunities we have across the company,” said J. Calvin Crowder, Acting President and CEO of GridLiance.

In an effort to ensure success with the company’s development endeavors, the company will consolidate the development team under the leadership of Justin Campbell, who has been named Chief Development Officer. This enhancement will allow the development team members to be assigned opportunities according to their strengths, expertise and better provide the company with the best approach to business development.

Campbell joined GridLiance earlier this year. He previously worked for Edison International, where most recently, he was vice president of Edison Transmission, LLC, a subsidiary formed to pursue opportunities in transmission nationwide. He also held roles in Edison International’s strategic planning group and in Southern California Edison’s Transmission and Distribution Business Unit.

Regulatory policy, compliance, communications and information technology of GridLiance will now be consolidated into a single new department that will be led by Trent Carlson, who has been named Vice President, Regulatory and Corporate Services.
Carlson joined GridLiance in 2014, after serving as a vice president for nearly four years at JP Morgan and nearly 10 years as a vice president at Reliant Energy, Inc. Before joining Reliant, Carlson also served as a director of support and training at the California Independent System Operator.

“Finally, as we look back on the success of our GridLiance’s first three years, let’s also look forward to the successful years to come,” stated Crowder. “In doing so, GridLiance is fortunate because of the strong and experienced team across business disciplines who can provide the leadership needed to meet our challenges and achieve our growth objectives.”

About GridLiance
Incorporated in 2014, GridLiance’s core business model is to partner with municipalities, public power agencies and electric cooperatives (Public Power) to increase system reliability and lower costs. GridLiance’s differentiated operating model provides its Public and Cooperative Power Partners with new opportunities to invest in regulated transmission projects or rely on GridLiance to plan and construct transmission for their benefit. GridLiance currently operates over 400 miles of transmission lines and related substation facilities in Oklahoma, has long term partnerships with Public Power utilities operating in Missouri, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Kansas, and is negotiating new arrangements with utilities in several other states. For more information about GridLiance, Please visit