GridLiance West


GridLiance West is a transmission-only utility that owns, builds, and operates transmission facilities in the California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO) region.

GridLiance West currently owns and operates 167 miles of 230 kV transmission lines and related substation infrastructure that runs through rural southern Nevada, from the Desert View Substation north of Las Vegas to the Pahrump Valley near the California border and south to the Mead Substation just outside of Boulder City. The high-voltage transmission system is incorporated into the CAISO-controlled grid, and GridLiance West is a non-load-serving participating transmission owner in CAISO.

Since acquiring its Nevada-transmission assets, GridLiance has undertaken several capital projects to strengthen the reliability of the grid, facilitate incremental renewable energy generation development, and reduce congestion. These projects include the construction of the Sloan Canyon Switching Station and the Sloan Canyon to Mead transmission rebuild to increase the power loads lines can handle.

GridLiance West also enables the development of renewable energy resources in southern Nevada; the land surrounding our transmission system has been designated by both California and Nevada as being rich in renewable resources. This makes the area a prime location for locating large-scale wind, solar, geothermal, and battery storage facilities.