Sloan Canyon Improvement Project

Boulder City, Nevada

In 2017, GridLiance acquired Valley Electric Association’s (VEA’s) high-voltage transmission system in Clark County, Nevada along with a 230 kV transmission line project to physically connect the VEA and GridLiance transmission system to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). Without the connection, VEA had to rely on other utilities to provide a pathway to CAISO for its transmission service needs, creating a significant risk and increasing the cost for power supply delivery for VEA’s 18,000 members.

GridLiance physically connected VEA’s transmission facilities to CAISO by building a 3.2-mile 230 kV transmission line and a 230 kV switching station. The upgrades improved the regional electric system’s reliability and resiliency while also facilitating additional renewable energy development in Southwest Nevada.

Completed in November 2019, the 16-month construction project required extensive planning, engineering, and environmental mitigation efforts before construction began in the Eldorado Valley–an area already crowded by high voltage transmission lines. Located on the side of a mountain range, the project required constructing a drainage channel around the switching station to mitigate the impact of flash flooding on the facility.

Project Benefits

  • Improves reliability

  • Enhances resilience to severe weather

  • Provides access to lower-cost energy

  • Expands access to renewable energy

  • Creates regional economic benefits

Key Project Highlights:

  •     3 position 230 kV ring bus substation
  •     3.2-mile 230 kV transmission line
  •     72 miles of optical ground wire installed